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Tulio Milman

International Journalist

Grupo RBS

Tulio Milman is a journalist with Grupo RBS, one of the largest media companies in Brazil. Milman covered the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Beijing, and London, and the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.


He studied Leadership at Machon Lemadrichei Chul in Israel, where he lived and worked for a year, and earned specializations in Human Resources from the EAE Business School Barcelona (EAE) and Marketing from the School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing (ESPM) in Brazil.


Milman was also a finalist at the New York TV Festival with the piece Meu Mundo em 60 segundos (My World in 60 Seconds), broadcasted by RBSTV.


He has received a variety of awards from the Brazilian Army, the Fire Department, State Pediatric Association, Rio Grande do Sul Book Association, and Porto Alegre City Hall.


Milman is the author of the book Vença com a Mídia, a manual on media relations aimed at companies and people. He was also a member of the board for the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art and currently sits on the boards of Kinder and Casa do Menino Jesus de Praga, non-profit organizations catering to children and young people with severe brain effects. 


Link for the RBS site in English: 

Click the below image to view Tulio Milman’s presentation for the Wharton Nation Brand Conference, “The Paralympic Games Recaptures the World’s Attention”

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